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Light the four candles on the shrine in your Heart: the Candle of Presence, the Candle of Passion, the Candle of Gratitude and the Candle of Acceptance.

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The first thing to do in a crisis? Get your sense of humor back!

Life Coaching Life Coaching


Heather says, "Change is good. Surprise me!"

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Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way. - Dr. Seuss

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What are seven feeling states you would like to experience at least once a day: feelings  of joy, fearlessness, feeling loved, empowered, grateful, at peace...? Using the process of Hypnosis, the old family patterns stuck in the unconscious mind that may be holding you back from feeling happy will be modified.

Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life.

The thinking mind is a wily trickster and  feeds into false beliefs about self and others and constantly makes plans to be disappointed again! Discover the one useful purpose for thinking mind; appoint it to imagine clearly what you DO want. Learn to train your thinking mind to support your vision with Life CoachingImagination is Everything!

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