100 Things to Fall in Love with in 2105


2015 is the perfect year to fall in love with many things

Fall in love with that spirit you see when you look in the mirror

And with what you sense looking into the eyes of another

Fall in love with broccoli and sprouts and food that is alive

The North Star or any star

Your breathing and all the possibilities in a single breath

Fall in love with:

Walking, hiking and your Holy Sweat

The sound of your weeping

The cool shade of long branches

And holy pools, sacred sites and Saints

st francis







Fall in love with your sleep dreams, your day dreams

Your fire, your aliveness, your essence

Your curiosity, your imagination

and the Present Moment…

Wolves, gorillas and all God’s creatures

And sunlight shining through blue glass



Fall in love with the sound of your laughter, or anyone’s laugh

Your fears and your clenched fists

The new moon and Faith

The Unknown, Knowing and not knowing

The Unknowable, the Unnameable, the Infinite

Snails, slugs and other bugs

Birds in silhouette

Your dog’s unbounded devotion


The teacher who lives in every stone


Fall in love with unexpected breezes

Your failures, your longings

Fall in love with the faces of the very, very old ones

With Silence and your avoidance of silence

Your loneliness, your aloneness

Your dark secrets

Your naked self

Your aging body

Your shame, your tenderness, your strength

The power of forgiveness and the times you cannot forgive

Your unquenched thirst

The anguish in your love

Fall in love with the mystery of the brain and the Ocean of the Mind

Red shoes, your feet and bare feet

Books, fairy tales and poetry

Hugs and your need for the touch of another

The promise of spring, the dead of winter, the seasons and change

Your fear of change

The impermanence of all things

Your heart, your heartstrings, your wounded heart

       The Holy One

Fall in love with the pink light of dawn, the dark of night

Silvery old pine cones, the forests floor and fallen oaks












A brown leaf gliding on water

A white feather floating on the sea

Fall in love with magic and miracles and numinous things

2015 is the time to fall in love with your love story, your journey and every step that brought you to the now, as you fall in love with joy, gratitude, and your own good heart.

Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there. – Rumi

 Happy New Year! Leave your comment so I can fall in love with it. Heather

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