12 Ways to Keep Your Household Spirit Happy

Your Household Spirit supports your well-being, but don’t piss him off!

If you’re searching everywhere for the last stamp you knew you had, or a sewing needle you just set down for one second, or your car keys are missing again, chances are the Household Spirit that resides in your home is responsible for the funny business. If you keep your Household Spirit happy, you will have a happy house.

What is the name of your Household Spirit?

What is the name of your Household Spirit?

The Care and Feeding of Your Household Spirit so You Can Have a Happy House

1. Your Household Spirit requires a proper name, but not a common one. No Freds or Bobs. The spirit living in your home prefers one-of-a-kind names: Apple Heart, Laoghaire or Zephaniah. He’s okay with a nickname as long as you never forget his true name.

2. The Household Spirit living in your home deserves your respect. Don’t expect to see him around, although you may have glimpsed him out of the corner of your eye or noted the results of his mischievousness when he is out of sorts.

3. The devoted Spirit of your home loves snacks intended just for him, so set out a few red M&M’s or salted peanuts in the shell.

4. He likes it when you remain connected to every square inch of your house, and if you are well-connected and attentive to your space, he will keep the energy flowing that supports a happy house.

5. Your Household Spirit is okay with dust and dog hair, but not so much with clutter. When subjected to clutter, he will hide things from you, and you’ll never find that receipt, letter or heirloom ring.

6. He’s also not crazy about too many framed photos of the deceased around a home. Although he is an ancient soul himself, he likes to keep things fresh and alive!

7. And that’s why he works best to keep your home humming along when you move your decorative objects around often and give away things you really don’t like.

8. He also loves well-cared for house plants, generous splashes of color, winged or four-legged pets, and he prefers all broken things be fixed.

9. Your Household Spirit likes lots of light streaming through the windows by day and everything totally dark by night.

10. He is very sensitive to sounds and will act up if he hears the TV blaring for too many hours. He loves the sound of children’s laughter and most music, but the thing that peeves him is the sound of folks in the home criticizing one another.

11. He appreciates books to a certain extent, but he gets impatient with too many or a lot of silly books that will never be read.

12. Your Household Spirit loves things that smell pleasant such as incense and scented candles and becomes ill-humored if the kitchen trash builds up or too many dirty clothes are left around. This will turn Household Spirit into a trickster and you’ll need to watch out for the plumbing in your house.

Your Household Spirit can be a scoundrel, but if you nurture every corner of your home and the Spirit who dwells within as well, appliances will function, nothing will be misplaced, visitors will feel relaxed in your home and you will feel more in balance, creative and alive.

Your home is a mirror of your inner life. That’s your Household Spirit’s sole purpose: to help your home reflect your beautiful soul and also to encourage your own sacred spirit be nourished within the walls of your personal sanctuary–your home.

Note: The Household Spirit is not the overseer of your yard. Other devas, sprites and gnomes are in charge of your garden.

How do you tend to the care and feeding of the indwelling Spirit in your home?


  1. Kathline says:

    I love this! If I give him a name, do you think he’ll bring my spoons and forks back? 🙂 My home is never cluttered, but he likes to take them anyway!

  2. Just in time Heather. I needed this new inspiration for my on going quest for order in my home.

    • Heather says:

      Barb! Seems like there is always another layer of stuff that needs to be decluttered! Right? Miss you!

  3. Carolyn says:

    This made me chuckle. Especially like the no clutter insight. I have been decluttering myself and am starting on my house. Off to Sante Fe on Friday. Perhaps I will recognize my house spirit in some of the art there. Now for a name!

    • Heather says:

      Thanks, Carolyn. Letting go–one outworn pattern, one piece of junk at a time. Love and have a great time in Santa Fe!

      • Carolyn says:

        Santa Fe was wonderfully uplifting. Had fun with my friends and ate the most fabulous food

        When I returned I found 3 pictures missing. Pictures of my 3 grandchildren. Ther are snapshots not in frames but in diffetent parts of my condo. Strange! Have been playing around with moving things to new locations and it feels very comfortable here. Someone else commented how comfortable my home feels.
        Am I misguided in thinking the pictures will return?

  4. Sara Lord says:

    Uh oh, I thought that candy was for general consumption when I was in your home last week. I will assume he shares!?!

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