15 Reasons Why You Are My Hero

1.  You try beyond measure to get life right!

2.  You’ve made amazing sacrifices for your children and you powerfully protect your loved ones.

3.  You yearn for freedom in a complicated world.

4.  You live with disappointment, but keep moving forward.

5.  You have secret dreams that no one will ever know….

6.  You have an unbelievable capacity to heal from betrayals and broken hearts.

7.  You’ve lost loved ones and have learned to live with the void.

8.   You don’t always get the affection or recognition you deserve, but you continue on anyway.

9.   Your heart hurts when you see an injured dog by the side of the road.

10. You’ve figured out to be present with a friend in need even when you feel like crap.

11.  You struggle with good intentions regarding the care and feeding of your body, sometimes fail and
then, try again.

12. You don’t mind being a little wicked once and a while!  

13. You love a good laugh.

14. You dance with fear of the unknown, old age and catastrophic illness.

15. You live with the questions: “Who is God?” and “What is the meaning of Life and Death?”

You have a sense of goodness, unbelievable resilience and your courage makes the world a more spirited place. Thank you for being my Hero.


  1. Hi Heather,

    Thanks Heather for the reminder of who we really are. It feels good to read the words in your post.

    Take care…

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