21 Best Places to Find Your Angels

The Angels That Appear in Your Life May Not Have Wings and Halos.

By Italian Renaissance Artist, Raphael. (1483-1520)

And sometimes not even a body!

Your angels guide, teach and protect you. And they are also around to delight you!

21 Best Places to Find Your Angels:

1. Spend time around a newborn. You’ll meet an angel.

2. If you’re at the bedside of one who is near death, you’re looking at an angel.

3. Children with Down’s Syndrome are angels in disguise.

4. All of your pets are angels.

5. Certain animals in Nature are actually angels, especially birds.

6. All trees are divine messengers.

7. Flowers you grew from seeds are angels.

8. Sunrises, sunsets and summer storms are angels.

9. Look for an angel in the mirror.

10. Your shadow on the path is an angel.

11. You may find your angel in a book, a poem or in the words of a wise teacher.

12. The blue part of the flickering flame of a candle is an angel.

13. Look for the dancing orange salamanders in a fire. Angels!

14. Observe any statue closely. She may nod to you.

15. Your divine messenger may speak to you through the lyrics of a song or the intensity of classical music.

16. Angels are fond of showing up in your dreams.

17. The unapproachable homeless man may be a holy man or angel in disguise. Approach him.

18. Your own artwork or that of another that touches you means an angel is involved.

19. Every story or movie that makes you well up with tears, there’s an angel at work.

20. At the end of every one of your exhales a small angel appears suggesting, “Breathe, breathe in again, my dear.”

21. Every time you dream of what your life could look like, an angel whispers, “Go! This is the life you were meant to live.”

 Share! Where are some places you’ve unexpectedly found your divine messengers?


  1. So true! A few months ago I was out walking and crossed paths with this homeless man. Normally I don’t make eye contact … You know safety concerns … Anyway I did this time for some reason. We made eye contact and he gave me the most luminous smile ever. No words were exchanged just smiles/nods but it was one of the most profound moments in my life.

    • A life-changing smile! Thank you for sharing your experience with the homeless man. How important for us all to hear the message.

  2. At Yoga once, years ago, I had a glimpse of “eternity” at the end of a guided meditation. Sheer bliss, a word I don’t often use, but that is the only way I can explain it. Angels?

    • What a beautiful experience that must have been for you, Geri. Yes, undoubtedly, angels guided you there and felt you were ready for the “glimpse of bliss” in that moment!

  3. Funny thing– I was driving home from your office today, thinking about my definition of God, which led me to think about this post. So, I’m sitting in my car, trying to define God and angels and how my ideas about “angels” must inform my ideas about God, and suddenly I see a man on the sidewalk (clearly the worse for wear) turn around and make several crosses in the air, as though he was trying to bless the people who had just passed him on the sidewalk. He just happened to be angled right toward my car, as well. Then he just turned and kept walking. I had to smile at the timing!

    • Erin! Good you caught the blessing of some random and disheveled stranger on the street at the same time you were deep in thought re your concept of God and how your divine messengers might show up! This is a meaningful story and I thank you for sharing.

  4. I am so fortunate to have several Angels in my life. My son, now 30 years-old has been the most dynamic Angel since his conception. For me he is the epitome of life. My oldest sister has been my Angel as an extension of my Mom. She has been my Angel of my roots. Through her I have a connection to all those of have gone before me.
    I have been blessed with 4 women through the last 10 years that have provided me with Strength, Compassion, as I never thought was possible from strangers and Guidance to help me
    get through this most difficult time in my life. And I look back thinking of you Heather, you’ve been my constant Angel of Spirit. You have kept that line of communication open and alert for me when I would become lost in myself. You are my reminder. You trigger the chimes of awareness that I often need, and for that and much more I Thank You.

    • Lee! We’ve been walking this path together, shoulder to shoulder, for many years now, and I value our long and steadfast connection. Thank you for a beautiful post. I love your expression, “…trigger the chimes of awareness.” Blessings to you and your angels! Love.

  5. Elanor Perry says:

    I know this is a bit off from the other posts but I get this a bit when I pick up the dog poopies. My dogs live in the back yard. Every morning I clean up after them and this post and your post about mandalas goes through my head. I usually clean up during the morning, when the dew is still on the grass and the birds are singing. I walk in somewhat of a circle, going back and forth, dragging the small rake behind me. It seems a strange way to meditate but I’m surrounded by Angels at this time: birds singing, dogs watching, trees, dew on the grass, and a quietness that comes in the early morning.

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