30 Point Checklist for Self-Empowerment and Establishing Personal Presence

You must unlearn what you have learned. – Yoda

Every moment of your life since you were first conceived has served to either confirm your sense of personal power or diminish it. Unfortunately, negative experiences and messages given you by others from the outer world tend to override the more positive feedback you’ve received through the years, but even positive experiences you’ve had and happy messages given you by others may not support your authentic empowerment.

Everything you have learned about your sense of personal power, positive or negative, through contact with the outer world you must now unlearn!

Yoda, the diminutive Jedi Master, grizzly and oddly dressed, creates magic with his huge presence and gleaming green lightsaber. Real power, however, is not about having a weapon to use against others or to hold power over anybody. Real power comes from expressing your authentic self in everything you choose to do (or not do) or say (or not say).

How do you know when you are standing in your full power?

30 Point Checklist for Self-Empowerment and Establishing Personal Presence

1. I am willing to unbelieve all the beliefs I formerly held about myself.

2. I am self-reliant and self-motivating.

3. I relinquish the need to complain.

4. I honor my body as a vehicle for my spirit and I feed and nurture it properly.

5. I establish an unconditional friendship with myself.

6. I am not intimidated by anyone.

7. What others say about me is not important.

8. I’ve lost my sense of self-absorption.

9. I use humor even in the most disastrous of situations.

10. I am fully aware of weapons I’ve used against other to seek revenge (withholding, judgement, running away), and I no longer find those weapons useful.

11. I’ve given up playing the victim.

12. I know how to rein in my ego when it acts up.

13. I don’t let fear-based thoughts dominate my thinking mind.

14. I tell the truth.

15. I know how to use the breath to both calm myself and energize myself.

16. I pay attention to my intuitive hits by acting on them.

17. I use the power of prayer even when I’m uncertain to whom I am praying.

18. I schedule opportunities to step out of my comfort zone.

19. I understand the concepts of both acceptance and detachment.

20. I know what my personal passions are and honor them everyday.

21. I do not invest energy in things that don’t resonate with me.

22. I am living on purpose.

23. I respect all living things.

24. I respect the views of others that differ from my own.

25. I no longer feel sorry for others, but instead replace sympathy with compassion and empathy.

26. When I see a behavior by another that drives me nuts, I attempt to uplift him anyway.

27. I’ve made peace with the passing of time.

28. I do not fear death, but rather accept it and get on with living.

29. I live in a constant state of gratitude.

30. I trust that I am an expression of the God Force.

The pronouncement, “May the Force Be With You,” means may you be in the light. The Force=Light. Your light! Standing in your own light. When you unlearn everything you’ve been told about yourself, you discover you are the Light. There will always be darkness to counterbalance the light and on the human level, we all have our dark patches, but on the level of the Supernal Self, there is only light, Pure Light and Love.

Note: I am not a Star Wars devotee, but I love Yoda.


  1. Terri Gooch says:

    Thank you Heather. I really love this. So thankful for your spiritual guidance.

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