5 Ways the Much-Maligned Ego Serves You

Ego is a peacock: proud, showy and territorial, but the Ego is much more than that and actually serves you on your path to wholeness.

Why, he stalks up and down like a peacock, a stride and a stand. – Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida

Anyone who is a student of Consciousness may develop disdain for the personal Ego.

Because the Ego is often referred to as the finite self (as opposed to the Infinite Self), there’s a tendency to want to squash the Ego like a roach, or overcome it like a head cold.

The Ego is portrayed as the false self, crammed full of defenses, judgment, controlling needs, fears and insecurities, and indeed, IT IS all of that!

But the Ego is also a vital part of having a human experience and deserves respect.

 Five Ways The Ego Supports The Journey:

1.    Ego provides each of us with a unique identity including: appearance, gender, ethnicity, personal preferences, personality and beliefs. When you bought a ticket to incarnate on this earth plane, you arrived with a pre-planned story, which you’ve been living out to perfection. The Ego continues doing its job over the years, which is to maintain a solid persona, in faith that some day each of us, in our own good time, will see beyond the illusion of the ego identities we’ve been tenaciously clinging to, and awaken to a more expanded level of awareness.

 2.    Ego assists in the carrying out everyday logistical life by helping to plan road trips, read maps or install sprinklers in the yard. The Infinite Self is not capable of such things, nor has any interest in them!

 3.    The Ego allows one to move through life within an awareness of space and time. The Infinite Self does not function on a space-time continuum. As a human being, the Ego requires a construct of space and time, abiding with the linear passing of time, always musing about the seemingly limited number of days allotted each one of us. The mystery of not knowing how much time one has, and exactly what happens at the end, sets up a fear of death.

Making peace with the fear of death is our most formidable challenge as human beings.

 4.    The Ego is the part of us that partakes in pleasure and play! Angels (or Beings in other dimensions), aren’t interested in surfing, riding a horse, skydiving or cooking up a gourmet feast. We were given the gift of this human life to enjoy: to taste, to delight in touch, to create art and to explore the wonders of Nature.

5.    Ego creates a much needed protective shield between the everyday conscious mind and the unknown unconscious mind. The conscious mind contains all that we think we know about the suchness of things, while the unconscious mind is home to mysterious forces and alternate realities of which we on the human level need not fathom, until the appropriate time comes in our own personal development to integrate them for our highest good.

Maintain light-hearted respect for the Ego, while not buying into its limited perceptions of what the journey is all about for each of us, as individuals and as a unified whole.


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