6 Steps to Honoring Your Night Time Dreams and Why it’s Vital

Dreams Unite Mind and Body

Stuck? Discontent? Depressed? Drivenness? Physical Symptoms?

Reunion of Soul and Body by WIlliam Blake

If you are experiencing any of the above, the dreams that come to you during sleep may shed light on what needs consideration or change in your life!

What are dreams? Dreams are designed to communicate urgent information from the unconscious mind?

And what is the unconscious mind? It’s the part of you where your “unlived life” resides.

And what is your “unlived life?” It is your spiritual nature that includes: unspeakable wisdom, immeasurable potentiality and powerful forces that you cannot even fathom with the small mind.

Remembering dreams impassions me, having recorded my own dreams for 35 years, and I relish hearing others recount their dreams to me. Welcome the Dreamer in you! Respect what she gives forth, and you’ll be gifted with insight that supports the natural unfolding of you as a whole Being.

6 Steps to Giving Credence to Your Dreams:

1.    You must regularly record your dreams. Use a journal for that one purpose only. Write down the dream as soon as possible after and exactly as it occurred. Use the present tense. (You can also draw the dream.) No embellishments or extra comments. Be sure to date the entry.

2.    On a separate paper, list symbols in the dream: the characters, location, time of day and specific actions that took place.

3.    After each of the items on the list, write down what they mean for YOU personally. Avoid referring to any book that lists meanings for common dream symbols, as it is counterproductive.

4.    Also, make note of strong feelings you experienced in the dream and relate them to how you often feel in your external world.

5.    Telling your dream to a friend may help. Even if your friend’s interpretation feels off to you, he might say something that will help you see the dream in a different light.

6.    Be on the lookout for reoccurring symbols and characters in your dreams which appear over the months, and even years.

By giving attention to your dreams, the Dreamer in you will offer up even more dreams for you. It’s as if the Dreamer says, “Oh, apparently this individual is genuinely interested in his personal evolution and in maximizing the flow of life through Body and Mind.”

In our modern day culture, there is a split between body and spirit, in that we tend to align more with the body, regarding how it looks or feels at any given moment, than with the unseen world of gods and goddesses, archetypal heroes and healing visions. But it’s important to know that here also exists a nonmaterial level to the physical body, and when the unconscious mind is acknowledged through the honoring of your dreams, the nonmaterial aspect of the physical body responds.

Recognize dreams as spirit speaking! 

Even if your dreams continue to mystify, entertain and sometimes frighten, by giving your valiant consideration to their deeper meaning, you will experience a change on the cellular level of your body and with your connection to Spirit– a reunion of sorts. The energy flows more freely between both.

Dream exploration is an important and enlightening aspect of my approach to life coaching. Bring your dream in and together, we’ll celebrate the Dreamer within you!

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