9 Teachings of the Indwelling Presence of Sacred Energy — The Goddess

Lilith by John Collier (1850-19934)

The Goddess! Although she takes many different forms, she always carries authority. She guides, advises and acts with absolute clarity, often with a startling sense of humor that delights in play. These moments in dreams or active imagination are filled with compassion for our human condition. She is blunt, neither indulgent nor sentimental. She demands embodiment. Living in the creative intercourse between chaos and order, she calls us to enter into the dance of creation. She speaks as clearly to men as to women. – Marion Woodman, Dancing in the Flames

 9 Teachings of the Goddess

1.   You are not as good or as bad as you think. In fact, judging one’s self in any way is a non-issue for the Goddess. She only asks that you to be authentic in speech, actions and in the way that you love! Authenticity leads to unconditional positive regard toward self and others.

2.  Things are not as they appear. Everything around you is a dream. You project onto the screen of life what you want to perceive in order to satisfy the needs and notions of the Ego. Yet unknown possible realities swirl beneath things and events, awaiting to be perceived by you, a perception that requires training the subtle senses – the ones that go beyond the familiar five senses.

Strive first for a clear perspective in all situations, then you can move ahead with right action, rather than from a place of reactivity.

3.   People are not as they appear. It’s easy to become ensnared in the trap of regarding individuals as either appealing or unappealing, but the truth is that every person with whom you come in contact is your guru. One of the definitions of guru is “one who dispels the ignorance of darkness.” Like it or not, your worst enemy and your most valuable teacher walk in the same body.

4.   You are not yet relying enough on your inner resources. Beyond patterns of smallness or victimhood lies hidden a treasure trove of strength, incalculable wisdom, patience and compassion. Before you act or react to any situation, train yourself to dive deep into the calm, clear pool of water where the Goddess resides within you.

5.   You have more freedom than you imagine. Freedom to laugh, excel, speak, create, be made a fool of (and to not even care), and to fall in love all over again. Every moment offers a door that leads to freedom — choices. A choice point! Have you been entering those doorways, or just standing on the threshold and going no farther? Enter now.

6.   You’re letting meaningless things in your environment wear on you, like water dripping on a rock. Stop it! Repair things that are broken. Get rid of your old stuff sitting around. Let go of friends that no longer serve you! And what you cannot change right now, forget about it altogether!

7.   Your creativity has no bounds. If you think you cannot learn something new, make art, write a book, or change your own environment or that of the world, do as the prolific writer, Ray Bradbury suggests:

                 Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things.

8.   Give yourself more recognition. Step into your own light. All the joys and sorrows of your life to date, the occasional rejection, the positive changes you’ve made so far, and your visions of what you want for yourself are precious gems reflecting the Radiant Light of Your Being — the Goddess.

9.   Do more of what excites and inspires you, and less of what does not! The Goddess expects you to know exactly what your passions and your unique gifts are, and to devote yourself to sharing them with the world.

How has the Goddess been working in your life?

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