Best Response to Eight of Life’s Darker Mysteries


It will take the pain out of your incessant questioning in search of a both a reason for misfortune and for some vague comforting truth in the face of threatening unknowns, and in your desperate need to understand what you cannot understand.

Sometimes we read about a tragic situation in the news and the heart wells up with grief over some total stranger’s pain and loss, and we yearn for understanding as to why such a thing could have happened.

Other times tragedy is closer to home, leaving us with inner turmoil created by incessant wondering and questioning, “WHY DID this happen to me?”

Sorrow and loss are never far away, whether touching us personally or not, but the spiritual warrior refrains from judging all circumstances as good or bad! 

The spiritual warrior is prepared with an answer to all of life’s darker mysteries, and responds with “I don’t know.”    

1. Why was this child born into so much suffering due to a birth defect?

2. Why did the mother of three children have to die so young?

3. Why did he commit that hideous that crime?

4. How could she have committed suicide?

5. Why did he stop loving me?

6. Why was I given this mother/father from hell?

7. Why did that earthquake take the lives of so many innocent people?

8. Where is my loved one now that she has died?

To respond to the above questions (and countless others like them) with a firm I don’t know does not mean one is void of emotion, but it does relieve one of the crazy-making desire to understand things we may never understand.

To arrive at the place where we can authentically say I don’t know in an attempt to understand the intricate workings of life is how we practice Self-Mastery.

When have you been faced with a situation where you made yourself crazy trying to understand some truth in it, when you could have found inner peace by responding genuinely, “I don’t know. I just don’t know, and that’s okay?”


  1. Greg Dunkel says:

    When I use this response with myself I realize the truth in it, but I still want more. It bothers me to use this response to someone else because I want to offer more and know they don’t understand. Practice, Practice, Practice… I guess it’s part of the path!

    • Love to you, Greg. Nothing is easy on this path of spiritual evolution. Trip, stumble, fall and get up again. And oh yes, and practice.

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