Eight Important Questions to Ask Yourself About How You’d Like to Age

An 86-year-old woman is listed in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for her gymnastic feats.

Eight Questions to Ask Yourself Now About How You Want to Age.

No matter what age you are today, your decision to age with conscious intention is vital.

Conscious aging means making choices today that support your vision of how you want to think, feel and your level of engagement in living your life many years from now.

The other day in preparation to write this post, I asked my 19-year-old granddaughter, “What are you doing now at your young age that you’d still like to be involved with when you’re my age.” Chloe didn’t miss a beat when she responded:

I’m a dreamer now and I want to always be one. I’m also pretty good with adapting to change; I expect to stay that way. And, I’ll still be dancing!

What do you envision for your future? Do you aspire to continue to dance, ski, rollerblade, hike, garden, create, horseback ride, drive, make love or travel when you are 70 or 80 plus years old?

This is not a “how-to” post, because you already know what needs to be done and how.  But here are eight questions to ask yourself in order to kick-start your thinking about the quality of your well-being decades from now:

1.    How strong do you want your bones to be?

2.    How supple do you want your joints to be?

3.    How clear do you want your veins and arteries to be?

4.    What about your blood pressure?

5.    How much of your cognitive ability do you long to retain?

6.    How efficient do you want your gastrointestinal tract to be?

7.    How dependant on doctors and prescribed medications do you want to be in 10 years, 20 years?

8.    How much would you like your spiritual journey to evolve?

I wish I knew what my answer might’ve been at age 19, if someone had asked me the question I recently posed to Chloe, but this post is really about starting with where you are today. No need to regret what you haven’t yet done. Get the ball rolling now as you make the conscious choices that will keep you spirited and spry, with your sense of humor intact, many years from now.

I’m asking YOU! What would you like to continue to do ten, twenty or thirty years from today? What level of physical, mental or emotional health do you want to achieve or maintain as the years roll along? What new activities do you want to have the option to be involved with because you consciously kept yourself in excellent condition: body, mind and spirit?

I have a client whose 80-year-old father visits from Russia each winter and they ski together in our local mountains. Amazing!

When you are 80-years-old, do you want to be awed by the mystery of life and actively engaged, or busy scheduling your next doctor’s appointment?


  1. Oh, Mama! This is a brilliant post! And I am so proud of my daughter’s answer! I know when I am 80, I want to laugh a lot, still use the bathroom by myself, tie my own shoes and be able to get in and out of the shower with great ease. Well, that is just he beginning…
    But it is an excellent question, because there are things I need to gently alter now if I want to be doing some of these thing in another 40 years.
    Thank you!!! LOVE!

    • Heather says:

      Remember who said she felt like a rag doll stuffed with sawdust? That is what inspired this post. Love.

  2. Terri Gooch says:

    I love Chloe’s answer! Especially because I think did say the same thing when I was 19 and now! I will always be dancing! I hope that my knees will hold old for decades so that I can ski forever. Adventure!! I have to be adventurous! I want my eyes to be good enough so that I can always read a good book. I want to be able to kiss my lover, my husband, and my adventure partner. will always try to find and create good madness! If you’re not having fun in life, then what’s the point!? I will strive every day to accelerate my divine consciousness.

  3. Of course I want to have my mental capacity at least at the level it is now. Physically, I want to be fitter than I amnow where I do not have to depend on others to take care of my daily business. I want all my “systems” working at high capacity where I need to go to the doctors, maybe, once a year. But, most importantly for me, I want to be able to have reached a point in my life, when I am 80 or 90(or hopefully sooner), where I can see myself as a wise woman with peace in my soul . Oh, & being financially secure would be nice!

    • Heather says:

      Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts re the question I posed in my post! Something tells me you won’t have to wait ’til age 80 to feel like a wise woman, as it seems “she” is emerging now.

      For me, even more important than fitness and general health is maintaining a happy outlook on life until the last breath and to be someone who others of any age enjoy being around.

  4. Oh, & PS, I want my body to look like hers.

  5. Oh, & PS, I want my body to look like hers.

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