Feeling Grouchy, Stuffy and Anxious? Come Home to a Happy Hara!

Ever feel out-of-balance, contracted, self-conscious, sluggish, grouchy, fearful and totally buying into the false limits you’ve placed on your own potential?

It’s not unusual to fall into a place of wearisome self-doubt several times a day, but here’s a quick way to transform a dark mood by reconnecting with your Hara!

It all begins in the belly, in the hara located slightly below and behind the navel.

The hara is our “center of being” and the place which regulates chi (life force) moving through the body. When chi flows unimpeded, one feels creative, courageous, strong and in balance. All activities from flower arranging to downhill skiing should be done with a keen awareness of the hara.

Observe athletes and ethnic dancers in motion and notice how they execute powerful moves from the belly. Martial arts honor the belly as a source of supreme focus and power! One’s awareness, when anchored in the hara, becomes acutely heightened, while all mental analysis and head chatter ceases, and anxiety and self-conscious thought are completely forgotten. Enjoyment is at a peak — pure and unspoiled.

The hara is activated by:

    • intentional awareness
    • the breath
    • proper posture

The hara is stifled from:

    • poor posture
    • inactivity
    • wearing clothes too tight at the waistline
    • improper elimination,
    • overeating  
    • waiting too long to eat
    • overindulging in alcohol

How to awaken the hara:

Sit or stand with spine straight, place two fingers lightly on the third eye center at the forehead (the seat of heightened intuition), and two fingers placed more firmly just below the navel. Breathe deeply into the abdomen until it expands…exhale and feel the line of energy connecting three vital centers in the energy body: the Hara, the Heart Center and the Third Eye Center in the forehead. Follow this with a minute of simply breathing comfortably and noticing….

With the hara fully activated, the heart stands firmly on a constant flow of life force from the hara that not only keeps ithe heart strong and beating efficently on the physical level, but also supports the outward flow of compassion from the heart on the spiritual level.

Finally, when with the hara in the belly flows chi upward, the heart blossoms opens with compassion toward self and others and the third eye center in the forehead floats like a bedazzling star, guiding us toward Greater Intuition, Inner Knowing and DOUBTLESSNESS!


  1. Barbara Talbert says:

    I will center my thoughts on this today.

  2. I find when I practice Hara awareness while I am forced to wait for someone or something in my life, be it a tardy spouse, a red light, a garage door repairman, it just eases the day. Everything flows more naturally and stress falls away. And thank you for the reminder.

    • Sara! All those little irritations! Yesterday morning a German Shepherd crashed through my backyard fence and terrorized my dogs, and this morning, I found everything in the frig had frozen. Breathing deeply. xoxo

  3. Pat Kriso says:

    This is a great reminder as I am often bothered by negative head chatter, especially in bed. I will endeavor to get back into a meditative state of mind.
    Thanks for you.
    Pat Kriso

    • Pat! I was just talking with a client about this yesterday–how when we go to bed at night and the defenses are down, worrisome thoughts and mental demons can show up. Breathe. Breathe deeply!

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