FOUR Steps to Living the Sacred Way

1.  LAUGH out loud and often! And if you can laugh and pray at the same time, God will laugh with you!

2.  Even if it’s only moving a sacred stone from one side of your yard to the other each day, HAVE a spiritual practice.

3.  See every unwanted event as a doorway to freedom!

4.  REMEMBER, you are perfect in every way. The only thing you might be guilty of is forgetting YOU are a part of the God Force!


  1. That is a wonderful photo! I love the idea of laughing and praying at the same time. I wonder if I ever have? It makes me want to think that each laugh is in itself a wee prayer of joy and gratitude.
    I love the steps. Number 3 is the challenge. 🙂

  2. Pam Zubko says:

    Number 3 reminds me of reading Neale Donald Walsh writing about how ALL change is good…..

    • Thanks, Pam! The only way we get from here to there IS through big change, even tho’ it sometimes hurts so bad!

  3. Suzanne Kemper says:

    Laughing. Wow, to be fully aware whenever you respond to your life with a laugh! That IS a prayer, now that you mention it.
    Number 3, is a challenge here as well. I am thinking that maybe I can free myself from the anguish of the unwanted event, if I see it as an open door to a new place, instead. Then, I can slowly peek in….

  4. Thank you…beginning today I will try to REMEMBER with every laugh I am praying and with every smile I give gratitude.

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