From My Crystal Ball to You, 11 Predictions, What to Expect in 2014

2014, a year of stepping into your own Light.

1. You don’t list your resolutions for the coming year. You simply resolve to live out loud!

2. Your “thinking mind” morphs from spaced-out to spaciousness.

3. You don’t wait until you get the car, the job or a perfect mate to be happy. You are happy now!

4. You realize Life is but a dream and you can awaken any time. SO, you WAKE UP and refuse to take everything SO seriously.

5. You laugh a lot more in 2014 because it feels better than crying. And besides that, life is so darn funny!

6. Every time you see the morning sun in 2014, you are reminded of your own Powerful Radiance that fuels the Universe.

7. You realize the inner conflict created by a need to define every experience as a bad experience or a good one!

8. You fall in love with your voice: the tone of it, the truth of it and the quality of your words.

9. You cultivate a friendship with your emotions. You welcome your emotions in as guests when they arrive, but send them on their way when they begin to bore you.

10. You realize and celebrate the fact that you are NOT separate from a homeless man on the street, the polluted river, your worst enemy or from the Living Creative Source of All Things.

11.  You have a greater appreciation for the fact that you can actually be TEACHER,  FOOLSAINT and LOVER all in the same day!

Happy New Year, with the Deepest Devotion to Your Well-Being!!

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