Hear the Whisper of Angels When You Walk Mindfully

GOOD reasons to walk 30-60 minutes, 5-6x per week:
  • lowers bad cholesterol and raises the good
  • lowers blood pressure
  • manages weight
  • boosts the immune system
  • releases endorphins, improves mood
  • reduces the risk of heart attack and chronic disease
  • reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • drains sluggish fluid from lower legs from the pumping action
  • counteracts serious health risks from a sedentary work life

And here’s the BEST reason to walk: “If you seek creative ideas, go walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.” – Raymond Myers


  6 Ways to Remain Embodied As You Walk; Feel Energized AND Hear the Angels Whisper 

1. Leave cell phone and ipod at home. 
Phones and music distract the walker from awareness of body, breath and the beautiful details of surrounding scenery. Better to get motivated from the inside out, rather than from the beat of Pink’s Get the Party Started!

2. Walk by yourself. 
Everyone has his own pace and rhythmYou do yourself a disservice by walking with a partner who is too slow or fast for you. You miss everything when chatting with a friend as you walk, and chances are the conversation would be on topics that are not uplifting.
DO bring your dog. If your dog talks to you, you’ll hear something of value!
3. Walk from your sacrum.
The five fused vertebrae of the sacrum are shaped like a hand. Imagine a radiant ball of light behind and below the navel held by the bony hand of the sacrum. This is where two important aspects of your Being are located: your actual center of gravity, and your hara, or “sea of energy.” The hand of the sacrum carries the luminescent sphere of energy forward effortlessly.


4. Be aware of movement in the feet. You have 26 bones in each foot!
Walking shoes must be roomy enough that when the walker extends a heel forward, lands on it, rolls onto the front of the foot and pushes off, that the metatarsals can spread wide from the balljoint of the big toe, across to the root of the baby toe.
5. Two ways to “play” with the eyes during a walk. 
Small muscles around the eyes hold unnecessary tension! Also, one’s personal sequencing of eye movements are tied into outworn thinking patterns of fear and self-imposed limitations. Practice these two exercises to free up the mind from old thought patterns, while refreshing the eyes:
Keep your focus on something far away on the horizon, then notice everything you can take  in with your peripheral vision. It’s an enchanting experience.
OR, focus on something far ahead for a second, then on something very close for a second. Repeat the pattern for three minutes. (Change the point of focus each time eyes are moved.)
6. Stay connected to the breath by using the mantra, sat nam.  
Sat nam translates from Sanskrit as “your identity, or your name is Truth.” When you combine the repetition of this mantra while taking a certain number of steps for each of the two syllables, you will find your heart lifting and your physical energy building.
For example, inhaling, think the word sat for six steps, and exhaling, think the word nam for six steps. The count varies if you are walking fast, or walking on an incline or decline, but make sure there are equal number of steps for both the in breath and the out breath.
You’ll have wings on your feet, and you’ll be sure to hear the angels 
whisper new and exciting possibilities into your ear!
Walk alone, in silence, and closely observe your inner process and external surroundings. You wouldn’t want to miss something like this little autumn treasure, would you?

Seed pod from a magnolia tree.

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