How rampage writing may influence your day in a positive way!

ONE of the inspiring types of writing I teach my life coaching clients is a form of writing I call “rampage writing.”

DO YOU ever come to the end of the day and feel like you got it all wrong?

You were impatient with yourself and others, you felt anxious and afraid to speak your truth and you missed precious moments because you were all stressed out.

Rampage writing is part of a spiritual practice done early in the morning before you begin your day. Yes, grab a cup of coffee and talk to your dog for a moment, but THEN sit with pen and paper and write about your day in the exact way in which you dream of it unfolding. Have a dreaded meeting coming in the afternoon? You would write something such as, “The meeting this afternoon feels like a magic gathering of caring souls who really listen to one another.” Maybe you have a lunch date with someone whom you’d rather spend an hour at the dentist’s getting a root canal. Then you’d write, “My lunch today with Mary today is a surprising experience of heartfelt communication!” If you are making an effort to lose weight, then you’d write, “Today, I reduce calories and crave the taste of fruit, vegetables and green, leafy salads.”

Always write in the present tense: I do__, I have__, life shows/gives me__, etc.

Oh, you say you are not a morning person? Do it anyway.

WHY do I call this rampage writing? Because you simply take five minutes, go on a rampage and write about your perfect day ahead.

Transformative! Email me if you need any more clarification about this powerful process!

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