Make a Personal Mala!

Find 108 beads and cording. Assign each bead a meaning: your loved ones, teachers, intentions or concepts important to you.

String them together with a knot between each and you’ll have a personal mala that will serve you for years. Meditate with it, pray with your mala, or just enjoy its beauty!

Last spring I knew I had to make one. I used one bead for all my ancestors, one for my failures, for the Infinite, for the unknown, magic, the breath and Rumi. The red die is for good fortune! I have a cheat sheet, because I still can’t remember my assigned meanings of all 108.

Let me know if you would like to fashion such a mala. I’ll get you started and even give you a few beads to encourage you. You can drop by my office or my home and I’ll share some suggestions with you.

The project is not a quick one, but each time I sat down to add a few beads and knots over a two month period, I lapsed into a wonderful healing reverie! My personal mala sits on my desk and I never put it away!


  1. Wonderful photos! Wonderful post! I need to make one of these. Inspiring.

  2. Kathline Kearns says:

    Heather –

    I clicked here to tell you how great your photos are and I see that someone has already mentioned the same thing! It must be so, then. 🙂
    I only visited Blue Mud once but stayed on your mailing lists because your wonderful words always seem to come at just the right time. So good to see you continuing to do what you do. Cheers!


  3. Hi Heather!

    I have to tell you, I look forward to reading your emails all the time. I wasn’t aware that you had a blog! I am so excited and glad to let you know that I will be an avid reader and will look forward to your future posts. I’ve never personally met you, but from your pictures on “Blue Mud” I have recognized you at Trader Joe’s a few times. I always feel silly when I had the urge to say hi. 🙂 I took the pregnancy yoga last year all throughout the last half of my pregnancy and it opened up the world of zen for me. I love your Mala and I would love to make one myself to meditate with or even to just look at when I’m having a rough day. Awesome post…I hope all is well with you.

    ~Brianna Watson

    • Promise to say hello the next time our paths cross??
      Let me know if you need help getting your personal mala started!
      Thanks for being a reader of my emails and blogs! I plan to tell Jenny you stopped by to say hello!

  4. I will try to get the courage to say hi next time 🙂 I think it’s so weird how many times I’ve seen you in public, and I don’t leave the house much because of the baby. I was sad to see you close blue mud, but happy you did it to pursue your passion.

    I would love some help with my personal mala! I’ll have to do some research on it…I don’t know much about it, but I like the sound of it!

    Please tell Jenny I said hello, she had such a calm voice and happy vibe about her. I doubt she remembers me, I don’t think I’m that memorable…but just let her know I had a healthy baby girl in January and I feel so connected to her and I attribute it partial to the pregnancy yoga. The classes are something that really stand out in my mind when I think about my pregnancy and the bond that I created. Thank you for providing that for me.

  5. HI Heather

    Val and I like your idea of making our own Mala’s~~~I just got back from vaca and collected some beads from shops in Pismo Beach and Morow Bay, hoping to go on another vaca next month and collect some more, then see what beads Val has also come up with. It will be fun to make them together and pick out the meanings for each bead thanks for the great other daughter project.



    • Wonderful! You and Val will learn a lot about each other if you stick with creating your malas together. Hugs to both of you!

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