Practice YES

vibrationalfield                                            Practice YES

                e.e. cummings got it right when he said,

                   i imagine yes is the only living thing

YOU are a field of vibrational energy always expanding or contracting, depending on your attitude and the nature of your thoughts in any given moment. Simply put, when your energy field is contracted in on itself, you are stressed, and when the vibrational frequency increases, you feel better.

You already intuit that certain places, sounds and activities enhance your well-being. You know when to take a deep cleansing breath, go for a walk, do yoga, head for the sea, or dance and sing at the top of your lungs.

Imagine you have a small instrument attached to your inner wrist which measures your vibrational field on a scale of 1-10.  When you’re off pouting or harboring a grudge, the meter reads a 1.5, meaning your energy level at the moment is stagnant and constricted, however when you are enjoying nature or creating art, your field measures close to a ten on the scale. Your chi flows. You feel boundless, endorphins streaming.

Thankfully you can take a deep breath anytime, but you cannot always drop whatever you are doing in search of a peaceful forest or beach.

To increase your vibrational field in the moment without doing anything else you can simply think YES.

When thinking YES, your energy field expands and radiates outward in all directions like the sun: heartbeat relaxes, center of the palms soften, blood pressure lowers. The inner resistance to whatever was in front of you that you judged to be a problem diminishes, and all the energy that worked hard to shore up the resistance is transformed into positive life force or chi. The body energy expresses as acceptance and assuredness.

Say yes to people and circumstances that you might have regarded with a NO:

Yes to the present moment.
Yes to change.
Yes to new challenges.
Yes to being out of your comfort zone.
Yes to crazy-making traffic and lousy neighbors.
Yes to co-workers and customers that drive you nuts.
Yes to to your unborn child.
Yes to young children and grandchildren.
Yes to delays in airports and car trouble and bad weather.
Yes to aging.
Yes to fears and dark feelings.
Yes to life.

A four-part breathing exercise that I’ve used with students and clients for years begins by taking a deep breath in as one repeats silently, I say YES to life. As the breath is retained comfortably for a couple of beats, one affirms ALL MY NEEDS ARE MET. Exhaling…I GIVE BACK MORE THAN I RECEIVE, and in the pause before the next breath in, affirming I DIE TO THIS MOMENT…and then back to the beginning I SAY YES TO LIFE….

Practice YES and life will say YES to you.

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