Reprogram Emotional and Mental States

Use Hypnosis to Change Your Mind















We all have them — habit patterns formed unconsciously in childhood which later morph into dark forces that sabotage self-confidence as an adult.

How can one bring those dark forces into the light so as to be free now?

The freedom we crave cannot be attained by thinking about the problem. The unwanted emotional and mental habits were formed in the unconscious mind largely by age six, and do not respond to our conscious efforts to change without a lot of hard work.

The thinking mind cannot simply say to the adult self, “I deserve happiness. I don’t want to be afraid anymore.”

You cannot give yourself a pep talk, because deep down, the unconscious mind considers it all bullshit.

And that’s where hypnosis comes in! The little six-year-old within needs to be re-educated through images and positive messages while in the hypnotic state, messages such as: you are safe, you are perfect just as you are, you are loved.

Let’s take that journey toward freedom together. You’ll be guided to breathe and relax the thinking mind, and then we’ll have a conversation with your precious inner child who bought into many unhelpful messages given by others long ago.

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