Six Essential Things to Know About Your Old Failures

Are you at-risk for not taking new risks because of the times you think you’ve failed?

If you want to create freedom, understanding and compassion for yourself and others, reframe your view of all your perceived failures.

Failures: failed marriages, careers and episodes in parenting. Or, times others have been hurt physically or emotionally by our thoughtlessness or dishonesty, or feelings of having failed to make the right choice at various crossroads in life.

Use these six awarenesses to transform your perspective on your failures. Taste the sweetness:

1. You have never failed! Every defeat or glitch in which you perceive you played some dismal part was actually painstakingly orchestrated by your Inner Director to teach you something vital.

2. The ego is the biggest culprit in the effort required to hold onto feelings of failure, because the ego worries about what others think! Small-minded and petty, the ego is a master of judgement. As long as one holds onto negative judgement toward one’s self, the ego continues to harshly judge others over their “failures,” and even with their successes. This dynamic creates separation between family, friends and strangers alike.

3. Shame. Regarding certain events as failures results in feelings of shame, an emotion which Carl Jung calls soul eating. When a failure is instead viewed as only a temporary defeat and a lesson for the learning, one ceases to reject themselves over and over each time the event comes to mind.

4. Failure is not fatal, but carrying the list of failures and defeat around in the body, mind and spirit may be paralyzing. If the list is kept alive with fear and shame, new possibilities and adventures may be missed from the fear of taking a risk.

5. When you get honest about any event you carry around in your heart as a failure, you will discover this important lesson:

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. – Napoleon Hill

6. The only failure you may make is the lack of acceptance that you are a Perfect and Divine Being, whose life always has and always will unfold in the exact way it’s destined to unfold! Learn, forgive, forget and move forward.

Think back to a time when you imagine you failed. Feel that heaviness in your heart, like a black, shame-filled rock. Then listen for the sound of honeybees making sweet honey out of that old failure….

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