Six Good Habits to Boost Fearlessness

Fear can teach you about what is holding you back from making your dreams a reality. Use these six habits to learn how to either dance or fight with fear and move ahead anyway.

1. Know what fear feels like for you! Think about a current situation  in your life which you consider to be threatening or an obstacle. Do you have a dark, uncomfortable clenching in your heart or gut when pondering a certain obstacle or does your mind chatter simply kick in with suggestions of why you cannot do a thing? Or, do you dwell on the consequences if something unwanted should happen?

Knowing how fear shows up for you will promote the self-honesty needed to know exactly what causes you to go into fear mode.

2. Know exactly what scares you: flying, driving on the freeway, quitting a job you know is making you sick, writing that book, taking your business to the next level, losing all your money or death itself.

Once you get clear on the source of the fear, you’ve already begun to free yourself.

3. Always ask yourself, “Do I want to allow this fear to rule my life and prevent me from finding success?” It’s important to remember–it is  your choice!

4. Remember that the negative state of fear is NOT you; fear is a heavy feeling state that keeps you from seeing your own beautiful Light, as fog on a dreary day blocks out the sun. Fear is an illusion and only a powerful dragon if you keep on feeding it year after year.

5. Act like your heroes. Who are your heroes and role models: Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Obama, J.K. Rowling, Benjamin Franklin or someone who excels in your line of work? Emulate them!!

6. Fight for yourself, but as the great icon of martial arts, Bruce Lee says, “The greatest mistake is to anticipate the outcome…you ought not to be thinking of whether it will end in victory or defeat. Let nature take its course, and your tools will strike at the right moment.”

Keep your focus on the what and the how will take care of itself!

Taking action is the only way forward.

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