Sleep without detaching from your day may be hazardous to your health!

You want to fall asleep, but the thinking mind resists and runs with thoughts such as:

Geez, I wish that business meeting at work today had gone another way.

My job could be eliminated, then what….?

WHY did Mark have to make that smart-ass remark?

Tomorrow is the day, I WILL start that diet. I am a fat slob!

Shoulda been more patient with my kids today!

What if the test results come back positive?

Is James having an affair with Tish?

Why didn’t he want to have sex tonight — again?

The thinking mind conspires to keep you from sleep or, if you do fall asleep, to take stress-filled thoughts with you into your dreamtime!

Sleep is a time for the physical body to regenerate and the Spirit to visit other unimaginable dimensions!

Use this quick bedtime ritual to completely DETACH from your day and begin your night’s sleep in peace:

Roll your eyes up and back into your head for a few seconds. Relax them, letting them melt closed. Pretend they are glued shut and you cannot open them. Try really hard to open them, pretending you cannot. Stop trying. Relax the eyes.

Squeeze your hands into fists and release three times.

Take three deep breaths, expanding your diaphragm downward and your ribs outwards. Ahhh….

Review your day! Put every detail about it on a small cloud in the night sky and let the cloud sail away, watching it grow smaller and smaller.

SMILE! Really smile big. Life is a cosmic joke anyway and a reason to smile!

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