Synchronicity: Two Sunflowers and a Chair

I love gardenias, lilacs and roses, but sunflowers are a little too cheery for me. 

The sunflower on the left grows in my yard now. The one on the right I painted recently.

I bought a bowl with sunflower designs on it to use for a dog dish, but rejoiced when it finally broke. The sunflower motif rubbed me the wrong way. In fact, I’m surprised I didn’t throw the dish away even before it cracked!

But here’s how sunflowers recently entered my life in a synchronistic way.

synchronicity n. an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated.

You’ve experienced the phenomenon! While driving you hear a specific word in a song on the radio just as you look up and see the exact word on a sign or billboard. Or, you think about an old friend several times in the morning, and run into her in the afternoon. Or, you awaken with the memory of a dream of a white horse, and later in the day see a white horse!

C. G. Jung coined the word synchronicity in 1950 when he introduced his theory that coincidences are NOT random chance, but rather meaningful acausal events which may give us important insight and point us in the right direction.

One Chair and Two Sunflowers. Recently I dragged a dusty chair from the garage, cleaned it up and painted it pink, knowing from the start that a sunflower called to be painted on the seat of the chair. Although I’ve painted lots of furniture with colorful designs, I’d never painted anything that was supposed to represent an actual object, so I googled countless images of sunflowers, studied them and began to paint with consuming passion, still not understanding why the sunflower!

After the chair was finished, the Universe continued to speak to me about the symbology of the sunflower when recently an errant seed from my bird feeder sprouted and erupted into a towering sunflower in the backyard.

Synchronicity is more than a source of  amazement or entertainment, and I was both amazed and entertained, even while I became aware of what the deeper meaning of the sunflower might mean for me personally. 

Some considerations for the meaning of the sunflower:

– The sunflower is a symbol of happiness. Am I claiming my right to happiness?

– When in full bloom, the head of the sunflower always faces East, no matter where the sun is in the sky. The East is a symbol of spiritual awakening. AM I honoring  my awakening?

– The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas. Should I move to Kansas?

– The sunflower is a vibrant example of a mandala. Am I honoring the sacred circle of my life?

– The sunflower produces many seeds. Do I need to plant more seeds in my work?

– The Sun — represents one’s personal power, or the Self in its relation to the cosmic whole. Am I truly embracing my power?

– Mathematical models exist for the way in which the yellow petals are arranged, as well as the florets in the center of the sunflower. Do I recognize the natural order of my life? 

The associations and symbology of the sunflower are endless, but the point is, pay attention to the synchronistic events in your everyday life! 

Synchronicity, like dreams and intuition, is one more process available to transcend time and space in order to embrace more of who we are, and who we shall become.


  1. Marie Shogren says:

    Hi Heather, I have encouraged my son, Eric, to come see you. I hope he follows through.

    • I’ll hold space for Eric to feel safe in coming in to work with me. He would be embraced warmly. Thank you, Marie.

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