the sounds of your home singing

The Silent Move! That was my intention set weeks before  moving to a new home recently. I envisioned the packing up and the move flowing downstream like a quiet, gray river on a misty fall day (never mind that the temperature reached 112 degrees). The vision worked for me and two movers from Redlands Moving & Storage became my heroes. The move itself flowed, however I made a personal discovery that unhinged me. I own too much stuff!

De-clutter! That’s what I always suggest to clients if they want to create space for new possibilities to emerge. Toss boxes in the garage you haven’t unpacked since the last move; park your car in the garage where it belongs. Donate books to the library! Give to the Goodwill things you display around the house but actually dislike! Above all, clear out the storage unit you’ve paid rent on since 2002!

Eliminate the excess so you can hear the sounds of your home singing!

In my head, I live in a zen environment, but in reality?

People collect signed books, fine wines, antique dolls or ceramic elephants, but someone busted me during the move for my much treasured extension cord collection, my riveting rag collection and my special assortment of colored glass knobs living in a shoebox. What? Did I ever live in a home with only one electrical outlet? The rags made from old soft t-shirts from twenty years ago offer up sweet memories, but glass knobs? What purpose do they serve stored in a box in the garage? They’re just “too valuable” to give to charity, as we tell ourselves! Anyone need a few cords, rags or knobs?  Hope your answer is NO, thank you!

De-clutter now and watch what happens!

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