The Walnut of Small Mind and the Deep Blue Sea of Big Mind

Small mind is a walnut encased in a hard shell, bobbing along on the Deep Blue Sea of Big Mind.

Small mind trips us up, tricks and limits us, but we can’t live without small mind and we can’t just shoot it!

Cracking open the nut of small mind is our only chance of knowing when we’re operating in small mind, and when we’re in Big Mind mode.

Cracking open starts with cultivating awareness of differences between the two minds!

Small Mind gasps and gulps for some meaning to life, while Big Mind breathes deeply, in faith that life has all the meaning we bring to it.

Here’s some differences between small and big mind:


Small mind hordes stuff, always asking “what’s in it for me?” before giving, and expects a “thank you.”

Big Mind attracts opportunities to give and never looks back.


Small mind is afraid of everything and sees the glass as half–empty.

Big Mind is open to everything and sees no glass at all!


Small mind will do anything to avoid pain.

Big Mind understands there are mercies in pain.


Small mind whines about having no time, too much time and the passing of time, and dwells in the past.

Big Mind knows there’s no such thing as time and revels in the present moment.


Small mind fills up silence with chatter and gossip.

Big Mind knows that the language of God is silence.


Small mind worries what other people think and is easily offended.

Big mind knows that what other people think makes no difference.


Small mind lives in fear of old age, dying and death.

Big Mind lives comfortably with the mystery of death.


Small mind ensconces itself in organized religion.

Big Mind finds relevant teachings in all religions.

One might think Big Mind would laugh at the antics of small mind, but instead, the Deep Blue Sea of Big Mind offers only tenderness and patience to that small part of us that is like the walnut, and says to small mind, ” Float upon my oceans for as long as you like. I will carry you.”

When you react to any given situation, can you discern if you are bringing small mind to it, or if you are embracing the circumstances with Big Mind?


  1. I LOVE this post! The ending made me cry. I had a small mind and Big Mind moment just this evening. I was ready to react and claw out of small mind but one breath was long enough to pause and pray for Big Mind. One success out of a billion of opportunities!

    • Jenny! A success, good for you! And that ending in the post made me a little weepy even as I wrote it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Terri Gooch says:

    I think this might just be my favorite post of all times. So simple. So true. So relevant. Thanks Heather.

  3. Lois Jordan says:

    Thank you for sending this message. I needed to read this today!

    • Lois! Believe me when I say that when I composed this post yesterday, I also needed “to hear” what I was writing! Thank you for your comment.

  4. Lilli Miles says:

    As usual, your post was the very first email I opened this morning and it was fabulous, as usual! Thank you, Heather, for providing me with my most favorite and inspirational moments of my days! You are a blessing to us all.


  5. I find that I am a combination of both small & big mind in any situation. The difference now is that I WANT to have a big mind, whether I succeed or not. Thanks, Heather.

  6. I always look forward to your writings:)

    • Thank you for letting me know that, Kathy. Writing the posts takes time and heart, so knowing someone like you finds them useful inspires me! H.

  7. Greg Dunkel says:

    It’s nice to know that it is ok to allow the small mind to exist as we all strive to be big minded, thank you Heather for the examples, something we all know but don’t always think about.

  8. Kellie Rose-Kapel says:

    Thank you Heather, your post reminded me that I’ve come a long way from the time before I new Big Mind existed. I am so grateful that Big Mind is gentle and patiently awaits for me to stop thrashing about so I can float upon her oceans.. Beautiful!!!

  9. Thank You Heather for helping me find my Big Mind, I now can let my ‘spirit’ free and get on with the rest of my beautiful life and not worry about the small stuff so much. I like it that you say we can float between big and small mind like honey~~~I know there are times when I am being Small Minded, now I know it’s OK, Big Mind is there to catch me and tell me it’s OK~~~SatNam

  10. Thanks, Jackie! We all in this together, flowing like honey…. xo

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