Time to prune your inner rose








Time to prune your rose bush!

To promote new growth and lush blossoms in the spring, a rose bush here in California needs to be severely cut back  by February. The pruning is both an art and a science with specific guidelines. Rosarian, Robert Martin says, before pruning, first come up with a plan. Get down on your knees and look at the bud unions and the canes that come from them. Cut away old gray canes with spindly growth. If it’s in the way, cut it away!

But what about the inner rose bush, the rose of the spirit? Could it be time to eliminate your old canes which have dwindling life force and discover the potential growth and beauty in each bud union of your Beingness? Mr Martin says that a rose bush is a tough cookie and can easily withstand heavy pruning, and will thrive because of it.

YOU are also a tough cookie!

This is what I do as a Life Coach. I guide you in the pruning of your spirit rose within. I will be your leather gloves to protect you from the thorns, and I will be your sharpened gardening shears. You can expect to produce healthy new growth and stunning beauty if you’re willing to trim away old growth. Which old canes do you need to cut away now? A relationship? Fears? Inertia? Negative thinking? A job? Poor health habits?

Together, we’ll get down on our knees, have a close look, and come up with a plan. We’ll eliminate old woody growth and select your strong healthy canes that will support the new year’s growth and healthy, fragrant roses.

The rose is a timeless symbol of love. Love yourself enough to cut away what is done and gone. Give yourself room to bloom!

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  1. I’m so happy to hear from you again. It’s been too long.

  2. I like this…..I have points to ponder. Wondering if I want to go into a management position at school. Maybe time to trim away fears and negative thinking that are holding me back.

    • Callie, go for it! You’d be great in any aspect of education. Maybe time to give it a rest with the classroom! H.

  3. a lovely version of spring cleaning… Thank you Heather.

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