Tired of feeling guilty for not having a formal meditation practice?

Meditation is about getting out of the congealed thinking mind. That’s exactly what these brief meditation practices do!

1. SQUEEGEE MEDITATION After your shower everyday, you use a squeegee on the glass doors, a tedious task which takes about 1.5 minutes. Make it a mini-meditation! As you squeegee the glass, have only kind thoughts or affirm these words, “I now see things clearly!” Just think, at the end of one year, that adds up to nearly nine hours of meditating!

2.  MAILBOX MEDITATION DO this one everyday when you go outdoors to retrieve the mail; imagine you’ve shed your clothing and your mask on the way out! Feel the cleansing air around you, the sun on your face and the supportive Earth beneath your bare feet as you slowly head for the mailbox. Listen to the birds. Breathe! Feel free and unfettered! You know–present moment stuff for as long as it takes you to step out of your door and return!

3. POEM Memorization MEDITATION Find a poem that speaks to you! Copy it on a notecard and put it in your pocket. Memorize it while you are walking or waiting in line at the market. Example:

when each day is sacred
when each hour is sacred
when each instant is sacred
earth and you
space and you
bearing the sacred, through time
you’ll reach the fields of light. – Guillevic

4. STINK BUG MEDITATION Sit with any insect for a few minutes and observe it with a neutral mind. Watch every small movement or its quiet stillness. Even ask the insect if you can become it for a moment and notice what that feels like, while you allow the insect to take on your human body for a little while!

5. BREATHING with YOUR PET MEDITATION Sit quietly with your cat or dog nearby and observe his relaxed breathing as he sleeps. Synochronize your breathing with his….

Make every instant sacred!

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