Visualization for Health

The Minimalist Guide to Visualization

Visualization is like a prayer with pictures! Powerful!!

Four Steps for a self-induced trance:

1. Sit quietly, comfortably, eyes closed and take three deep breaths while you relax your shoulders downwards.

2. Find the blank screen behind your forehead and aim your inner eye right up there.

3. Create an action shot with your imagination on the screen as it relates to the health issue. If the issue is cancer, see the invader cells as being eaten up by little pigs who just love garbage. If the situation involves an autoimmune disease, send the  white blood cells back to “immune school” to re-educate themselves so they don’t attack body parts! IF the problem is some G.I. distress, see the entire intestinal tract as a river of rainbow colored light flowing with ease and artistry. Whatever the health issue, personalize your visual imagery!

4. Don’t try too hard! Relax in faith that there lives within a most talented healer. In gratitude, open your eyes and go about your day feeling blessed!

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